We are a family of four that is slowly (but surely!) transitioning from a life of mindless consumption and toxic options toward one of zero waste, greater ecological, and environmental stewardship.  Utilizing permaculture and ecological design techniques, becoming huge composting and recycling nerds and embracing the spirit of the natural world that surrounds us, we are on a mission to practice sustainable urban land care SOUL-utions on our little urban homestead in the heart of Langford.

A single step begins any journey and so we take this step now, of opening our space for use as a vacation rental, in the hopes that we can inspire others to return and reconnect with themselves, one another and the natural world.  And also to inspire us and provide us the opportunity to nurture that aspect of ourselves and others within our community and be of spiritual and ecological service in the world.

We just kind of sat down and riffed on how we wanted this place to be, feel, do, create, channel, co-exist.  We came up with so many ideas, thoughts, desires and values that provide a bit of a framework for the experience we hope to develop and  share here. And we work in conjunction with the absolutely amazeballs Sammy and team at Pacific Ecoscapes to help bring this vision to fruition.