There is a ton of amazing stuff to see and do in and around Langford and the Greater Victoria area and there are lots of local businesses that we particularly love to love and support.  You will find many of them listed here from places to see and go, to places to eat and work out with your body, mind or spirit.

We also feel particularly blessed to be members of a number of local organizations that we believe are not only awesome ambassadors of hope within our community but also huge advocates of change and social justice, adding incredible value to and instrumental in, creating stronger and more resilient individuals and neighbourhoods, along with taking care of plant life and wildlife and ecosystems. Catering to the needs of self, other and world, big picture thinkers and HUGE hearted souls.

HAT logo name

HABITAT ACQUISITION TRUST (HAT) – Established in 1996, HAT is a regional land trust that conserves nature on south Vancouver Island. We are working toward meeting the requirements of the Good Neighbours Habitat Steward Certification Program with HAT.  It involves a three year landcare agreement to work on specific conservation goals such as creating pollinator and beneficial insect nesting habitats, maintaining a water feature, management of invasive species,       pesticide free and no chemical fertilizer use, naturescaping with native plants and maintenance of snags, logs, soil and species at risk.  This organization does amazing things in our part of the world and we are pleased and proud to support them.

LIFECYCLES PROJECT – The Lifecycles Project ‘cultivates community health by connecting people with the food they eat and the land it comes from’.  They are also an absolutely rad organization in terms of food literacy, food recovery and community food programing of all kinds. With a variety of programs including Growing Schools, the Fruit Tree Project, Welland Legacy Park & Orchard, and the Victoria Seed Library, Lifecycles is making a big difference in the food security landscape of the greater Victoria area. That is definitely something that we can get behind.


HORTICULTURE CENTRE OF THE PACIFIC – The HCP’s mission is to “be an internationally recognized botantical garden and a respected centre of life-long learning, conservation and research.”  As home to a horticulture college, and everything from a children’s garden to the largest outdoor bonsai garden in Canada, HCP Gardens is just simply a beautiful place to wander around.  In addition to the bonsai gardens, there is a gorgeous little zen garden and a number of great events that take place on and around the grounds throughout the year.

CAPITAL REGION BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION – The largest bee club on Vancouver Island and active since the 1950’s, the CRBA ‘wants to connect people with similar interests in all things related to bees’.